*The clash detection can offer savings of up to 10% of contract value and reduce project duration by up to 7%.


Better Clash Management & Coordination

Detail insights of clashes & viewpoints including images, meetings videos, status, comments as well as showcasing data rich reports of clashes & its progress for effective collaboration.


Managing large File Sizes

BIM & 3D files are huge, often are greater than 50MB. Email can’t handle such big data files & FTP doesn’t provide the necessary control to user. Provides effective handling of voluminous data.


Easy record of Approvals & milestone sign-off

Keep easy records of hundreds of decisions made around throughout the project lifecycle. Also, quick approvals of a model generated by different authoring tools


Web Base 3D Modal

Allows user to upload & view complex Revit and Navisworks file in the Browser and also fetch model item data. Streamlined support to the Chrome Browser.

Smart Technology for Clash Report & BIM Coordination Workflow Management

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