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Modern Construction Management Plug-ins to integrate & simplify the processes involved in Construction Project, Remotely!

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On-site or Off-site. 2D or 3D. Stay updated on your project’s progress with iF BIM Integration. Manage clashes better with effective coordination!

Time Reduction

Reduction in the time taken to generate a cost estimate

Faster Clashes Sync

Sync 50 clashes/min with 99% availability, on iFBIM.

Saving Manpower

Save 75% workforce in the preparation of building plans

Enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes and increased productivity..

BIM is at the zenith in the construction world, and we want to help you in enriching the BIM Coordination and Clash Management process in your project.
Now, assign multiple clashes easily and increase your productivity up to 99% and save your time.
You can view your files in 3D view on the web-app even if you are off-site!
Manage your clashes & viewpoints faster, so that you can focus on more vital tasks.
Get all data synced under one roof! Stay connected all around the world with more than 97% of data accuracy.
Extract complete Navisworks’ model file into data points in just an Excel Sheet with 99.8% of data integrity.
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